Manage sites

Manage all your sites from a single control panel. Access their dashboards, open and close frontends with a single click. All the information on one page

Manage access rights

Grant access rights to single users or groups of users according to their membership level. Provide flexible control to create a safe and protected environment.

Menu management

Control navigation easily from a single page. Create and rename menu items, change their position to make your site menu logical and allow easy access to all of the site pages.


Manage users, assign membership levels, temporary disable and create new accounts. Search by login, status or membership.

XML sitemap settings

XML sitemap is used for search engine optimization for various search engines. Manage XML sitemap settings of your store. Improve your website visibility.

EditionsPinaCMSPinaCart Single SitePinaCart Sitebuilder
PriceFree149 USD1,990 USD
Sites per installationUnlimited1Unlimited
"Powered by PinaCMS" link removal1,990 USDIncluded1,990 USD
Technical support (by email)IncludedIncluded
Setup and configurationIncludedIncluded

Content management

Blog posts and static pages

Multiple blogs can be maintained within one website

Menu management

Groups of links (menu) can be added

Image gallery

The image gallery is created automatically using the images uploaded when posts are edited


An embedded WYSIWYG editor allows to modify pages without using HTML code


Subscribers list can be downloaded as a .CSV file

FAQs and FAQ groups

User comments

For posts and static pages

Social media links and cross-posting

Cross-posting to Twitter is now available

Home page slider

Slides with links to internal website pages, or any URL addresses

Feedback form

Customers can leave a feedback

‘Contact Us’ page

A user can leave a message, having specified their name and email. This page also contains the company address by default.

‘Our Team’ page

Specify a name and position for each member of the team, upload a photo and describe their role in the team.

Site Map

The site map contains links to pages from other modules. Depending on the set of enabled modules, the site map can change significantly.

XML Sitemap

An XML Sitemap is generated, which is required for search engine optimization

eCommerce features

Store catalog: unlimited number of products, categories and category types

Shopping cart and order placement/checkout

One-page checkout, combined with the shopping cart

Product types and parameters

Multiple product types can be set. Each of them can have a set of properties. When specified, these properties will be displayed in the storefront for the customer to compare products, when the product comparison module is enabled.

Product options

Product options with price modifiers

Product reviews

Product reviews are pre-moderated


Customers can add products they want to buy later to their wishlist

Statistics for orders, products and customers

Information about orders, products sold and customers can be viewed for more effective shop management

eGoods (virtual products)

A file can be uploaded for each product, which customers will be able to download after paying

Order management (payment and shipping methods, shipping zones and charges)

Catalog import/export profiles

To facilitate regular import and export procedures, you can use import and export profiles. When a profile is created, the format, categories and frequency are specified. For importing an FTP access can be used or a URL for downloading the file. Importing will be done automatically with specified frequency or on user request.

Payment methods